Facilitating sustainable and prosperous procurement opportunities

to drive economic development to Indigenous organisations and communities.

Enable Consulting Services 

Six Business Pillars

We pride ourselves on relationships; to country, to our people and to our network.

Our vision is to develop a strong business model around connecting specific industries with Indigenous businesses to deliver quality, sustainable outcomes. The conversation around procurement has changed over recent years and we are excited to be involved in enabling this process further.

Enable Consulting Services is designed to offer key services around:

  • Education & Scholarships
  • Employment
  • Procurement
  • Culture & Heritage

These six pillars are the foundation of our approach.

Co-Founder, Michael O’Loughlin


We deliver on our commitments, we do what we say we will, we act with integrity. Every time.


We’ve developed an ecosystem of contributors and a culturally safe environment to thrive in.


We treat others with humility and compassion, our team listens first, acts second.


Our organisation is a team in every sense of the word, we give people the tools they need to direct their own success.


We aim to be the best in everything we do and seek to learn from the best in their fields.


We want to assist clients, staff and communities to be the best they can be by allowing them to dream out loud.